Plastic cylinders



Plastic Cylinders Give Great Presentation

Plastic cylinders give the right product fantastic presentation. They can be displayed on the counter top or shelf. Another great advantage is that the contents can be clearly seen, depending upon how labels are attached.

Many Possible Uses

This kind of packaging has many uses. Some of our customers currently use plastic cylinders for products such as cakes and biscuits, chocolate and confectionery, craft items, flowers, nursery items, manchester, memorabilia, and the list goes on. This may be the perfect package for your product as well. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Our range of plastic cylinders is continually growing. We also try to keep our more popular items in stock, ready for fast dispatch upon receipt of payment.  However, other cylinders will need to be made to order.


Below is a list of our current cylinder sizes:

CY3918039 X 180mm200
CY5011050 x 110mm112
CY6817068mm x 170mm106
CY6819068mm x 190mmT B A
CY6820068 x 200mm90
CY6821068mm x 210mm80
CY6821568mm x 215mm80
CY804580mm x 45mmT B A
CY807080 x 70mm100
CY8010080 x 100mm136
CY8011080 x 110mm102
CY8012080mm x 120mmT B A
CY8013580 x 135mm102
CY8015080 x 150mm87
CY8015580mm x 155mm82
CY8019080 x 190mm68
CY8020080 x 200mm68
CY8022080 x 220mm56
CY8030080 x 300mm72
CY8042080 x 420mm48
CY8046080 x 460mm48
CY10050100mm x 50mm140
CY100110100 x 110mm60
CY100200100 x 200mm40
CY12555125 x 55mm91
CY12570 125 x 70mm65
CY12583125 x 83mm52
CY125100125mm x 100mm52
CY125127125 x 127mm39
CY125170125 x 170mm51
CY125180125 x 180mm38
CY125250125mm x 250mmT B A
CY16035160 x 35mm160
CY16060160 x 60mm84
CY16075160 x 75mm24
CY16080160 x 80mm60
CY16090160mm x 90mmT B A
CY160100160 x 100mm48
CY160110160 x 110mm48
CY160155160 x 155mm36
CY160175160 x 175mm24
CY160200160 x 200mm24
CY160230160 x 230mm24
CY160270160 x 270mm18
CY200100200 x 100mm30
CY200290200 x 290mm10
CY25090250mm x 90mm20
CY250110250 x 110mm18
CY250170250 x 170mm8
CY250340250 x 340mm4
CY250635250 x 635mmSpecial Order